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My name is George and I’m here to help.

Normally, I wouldn’t help humans.


Well, you’re kind kills and eats my kind.

So, we’re enemies except…

For Her.

She saved me.

She took me in when when I was starving and scared.

Dumped in the woods, waiting to die.

She fed me and gave me a warm, safe place to live.

I owe her my life and I repaid her by stalking her and spurring her every chance I had.


Because I’m a rooster.

I’m cocky and unrepentant.

Loud and arrogant. Bold and brash

The world is mine to explore and rule.

(I just wish that damn bobcat had known that. Then, I would still be there, showing Her how to live again.)

You see, she used to be wild and fierce.

She used to see colors and risk it all for love and righteousness.

But something happened and she lost her footing.

Stumbled into complacency.


And I’m going to help her find her fierce again.

Help her go after life, wings flapping and spurs out.

Help her be more like me, George.

So, follow along if you like.

You may even find your inner George, your fierce rooster again.

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