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$0 – $1k per month in book sales – here’s how

Free Workshop

My friend Nick Stephenson is running a brand-new live workshop on Thursday Feb 13th all about how to go from $0 – $1k per month with book sales.

(This is the exact process he uses to hit the top #100 on Amazon for his book launches, how he hit the USA Today bestseller list, and how he built a seven-figure business online).

Nick has taught tens of thousands of authors how to grow their audience and exposure, and now he’s pulling together all his best material into a “full working system” that shows you how all the moving pieces of growing a successful author career work together.

Specifically, Nick will show you:

  1. The math behind $1k a month & how many books you actually need to sell (hint: it’s fewer than you think)
  2. The three-step formula to build a sustainable author career – traffic, conversions, and scaling up (he’ll take you through it all)
  3. How to drive endless traffic to your books and websites, without needing a huge ads budget (some of these strategies are 100% free)
  4. How to convert traffic into sales & email subscribers – and what to do with your list once you’ve grown it
  5. How to automate your marketing systems, so you can spend more time doing fun stuff
  6. The secret to scaling up profitably – bringing everything together into a solid growth plan for 2020
  7. And… the launch plan behind Nick’s successful USA Today Bestseller campaign – bringing everything together.

^^ In other words, Nick has put together around 90 minutes of actionable material that people can use right away to start seeing results.

Several notable USA Today and USA Today Bestsellers have used Nick’s strategies to boost their results, and now he’s bringing everything together into a complete “action plan” to help you hit your goals in 2020.

On top of that, I personally have used his strategies and although I haven’t hit the USA Today Bestsellers list, I did increase my sales 1200% the first year, a little over 60% the second and 125% the third. His system works if you’re willing to do the work.

The best part is that this workshop¬†is 100% free, and if you can’t make the live session on the 13th February at 3pm Eastern Nick will send you the replay so long as you register.

There will be 500 spots for the live workshop, so if you’d like to get your hands on all the free material, make sure you sign up before the deadline.

Click here to register for the live workshop (and the replay if you can’t make it):

Enjoy the session! And bring plenty of questions – there’ll be a live Q&A.

And to be 100% transparent, this is an affiliate link. If you sign up for the class, I will get a little bit of money, but I wouldn’t recommend this if I didn’t know it worked.